Client Comments

In my reflection of times past and my meandering thoughts of the future, I consistently return to the satisfaction that I receive with each of my past home inspections, each clients heartfelt wish of thanks and for the opportunity to continue doing what I do best - I love this work  

I humbly have decided to put together a list of a few of my past clients comments regarding my hard work in hopes of winning your confidence.  All these comments were completely unsolicited, and were private messages sent back to me so I have left the names out in the best interests of my past clients privacy.  I hope you read these through and consider me for your next purchase of a property, if you want to talk, simply phone or text, my work is your business 
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Thanks Gordon. A really excellent inspection and report. You confirmed much of my more general thoughts that the house has seen some hard living and much neglected maintenance. I will, as you suggest, study the report thoroughly and expect to have some follow up questions. 
In the last couple of years I’ve bought two properties in Kelowna and the inspections have been very disappointing. One missed so many significant items that the inspector refunded our money. That is Not the case here

When we first wanted to hire you, we contacted a different realtor to see who they would recommend.  Although, as with Century 21, they tried to come across as impartial, but after a bit of pressuring, you came out as their top recommendation. Now we can see why - All the best, Roland and Kate

Thank you so much for your valuable report.  The extensive detail and photos are so helpful in our decision to purchase the home.  Itemizing the issues with red and blue is awesome too and will help us prioritize repairs.  Your report will also be a fantastic resource and maintenance guide for us to use as first time homeowners.  Also your timeliness was a welcome surprise, having the report fully prepared first thing the following morning was a huge piece in moving forward with our purchase offer.  We're so happy with your services we have been recommending you to people both professionally and personally.  Thanks so much!!!
Hi Gord, Thank you again for the long day.  Your honest thorough approach gave me the confidence in what I was seeing was correct.  Your comprehensive report has given me an excellent task list to ensure a safe home for my family.  I will defiantly recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection.  Thank You Again.  Kindest regards 

Fantastic job, Gord!
I really appreciate this nice looong to-do list you gave me  :-))
Thanks again for being so speedy on sending out your report.  Now it's in the insurance company's hands.

Thanks Gord -- Your inspection report has become the best money I can remember investing.  Thank You!!!  I am very pleased with the time and care you have taken preparing this inspection report for me.

Thanks again for the great job Gord!  You certainly are very thorough and we look forward to referring your services.

Thanks so much for your inspection report!!!  It was both incredibly thorough and very informative.  I didn't see any major issues besides the pest control which looks like just some sealing issues, and we will have to upgrade the electrical service to a 200 amp service.  Other than that everything is fairly minor and will be addressed as soon as we make it our home. Thanks also for all the photos, its been fantastic to view them all to see what the house looks like right now and also to see the detail as far as what needs to be done.  Again Thanks!!!!

Hi Gord 
Thanks for the quick turn-around with the report and, most importantly, doing such a thorough inspection.
After further thought and discussion we have decided to walk-away from the house as the areas of concern are too great for us. Without your attention to detail we may have otherwise purchased a house that would have cost us huge dollars and time and we are very fortunate to have had your service. We also know who we'll be going with on our next inspection!  Thanks so much

Hi Gord  -- What an amazing report, excellent job, worth every penny! So far it looks like the seller will deal with the windows and bridge, I can take some time to deal with the drainage and other issues.  Thanks again, this report was money very well spent.

Hi Gord 

I was very impressed with your report. Great format. Detailed, yet fully understandable. If you ever need a reference, I’m your man - Thanking you

I just wanted to say thank you, (a little late) for doing the home inspection for us on such short notice. The information you gave us really helped in our decision making. We did let the house go at first, but because of the home inspection report, the sellers came back to us with an offer we couldn't refuse. So, we have purchased the home, and now have a good idea of areas that need to be dealt with.  Again, Thank you Gord!