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Checklist reports typically contain as many details as possible in order to make the report adaptable to almost any type of home. Many of the options are not applicable to the house being inspected, yet there is no way to delete the unnecessary details. I find this style of reporting can be confusing, and clumsy.

My customized digital reporting system, has only the information relavent to your house, its not full of disclaimers, and does not contain details that do not apply to your house. I always include many embedded pictures, and links to help you further understand any issues, (general maintenance and deficeincies) that may be present. My whole report is documented with pictures to show that I have done a thorough job - which shows me traversing attics, crawlspaces, and walking roofs, plus more, so for an honest, thorough, detailed, easy to follow, easy to understand report with pictures, please call:

Contact me @ or Phone 250-304-3232