About Your Inspector

Attitude is everything

Inspected Once, Inspected Right

My principles, values and focused attention to - DETAIL, QUALITY, HONESTY, HARD WORK and TRUST, in some what adverse working conditions, speak for themselves after you receive one of my 50+ page report. I do enter and traverse attics, crawlspaces and walk most roofs. I document everything I see for you along the way with many pictures and a written description for you to fully comprehend.

When inspecting houses, I use all my experiences and good judgement to make sure I spend enough time to interpret what I find and also to carefully word it so as you fully understand. I effectively communicate the results of the inspection findings in real-time conversation with you during the walk through summary, and by my own customized digital report with pictures. I am VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, EXPERIENCED, HONEST and take great PRIDE in providing the best quality reports and service to you

Call or Text - 250 304 3232 Email - 3043232@gmail.com

As your personal inspector, I always take my time, and never rush through any inspection.

I have a strong background in home construction permit applications, electrical rewire installations permit applications, plumbing retrofits, roofing applications, renovation structural repairs, water well management, septic system installs and management, and HVAC heating and cooling systems. In addition to my history in all the building trades, I graduated from Selkirk College with a technician degree followed by training from CarsonDunlop Consulting Engineers’. I am currently licensed under the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia License # 55664, and certified by two National associations - CanNACHI and InterNACHI, as well as a member of the Certified Master Inspectors - a Canadian and American standard. I am fully committed to ongoing education and attend regular educational training programs, to ensure you that your home inspection report is accurate

Total Training Hours To Date: 1001+

Plus Hundreds of Inspections Performed

Some of my extra Training - well above any of the minimum requirements

All this being true............I have never let my schooling interfere with my education - Mark Twain

As a professional Fully Licensed, Certified Master Home Inspector, I am a fully trained generalist with a full understanding

of how the buildings systems/components perform, function and wear out over time. I have taken many hours of shcooling haha and eagerly continue to pursue my intellectual curiosity by taking extra training in: structural design, structural systems, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, grow-op houses and indoor air quality to compliment my anchored skills. All this training creates a report for you that is both invaluable and empowering

To View one of my customized reports click on the attachment at the bottom of this page,or better yet email and I can send you a more recent one.

Call or Text - 250-304-3232 Email 3043232@gmail.com